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Sagrantino: Montefalco's Mystery Wine

Montefalco is one of only two red wine producing areas in Umbria to earn the highest quality DOCG rating for its late-harvest, full bodied, deep colored wines that rank the highest in tannins of any grape variety. With a bouquet of sweet dark, berry fruits, Montefalco wines make a great paring partner with wood roasted or richly marinated meats on the barbecue and they go particularly well with aged cheese. A guided tour of the winery's fermentation and aging areas is followed by a three-course tasting lunch paired with four wines.
Umbria - Montefalco
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Ticket Information

Ticket Price $55.00
Max participants: 16
Duration: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Day of the week: Wednesdays from April 10 to Oct 23
Alternate dates may be arranged for groups of 8 or more. Please call.


  • The cellar tour begins in the fermentation area, continues to the wood aging room and finishes in the bottling area. The guide explains the winery's reliance on gravity fed vinification – a slower process yet one that makes the best quality wines and avoids damaging the delicate skin of the grapes.
  • Oak aging is discussed including why different types of oak and various barrel sizes are used – how to make the right barrel match for each type of wine.
  • The hearty, three-course tasting lunch is prepared with seasonal herbs, vegetables, emmer wheat pasta, cured pork cold cuts and olive oil - all produced on this certified organic estate.
  • The guide introduces each course with an overview of that wine’s composition and tasting notes. The antipasto is served with a rich white wine Montefalco Grechetto whose peach and almond undertones pair well with bruschetta, prosciutto, salami, sheep's milk cheese, chickpea salad, baked vegetables and focaccia.
  • Montefalco Rosso accompanies an emmer wheat pasta dish served with a vegetable based sauce. A glass of rich bodied Sagrantino is served with a taste of aged Parmesan cheese and dried pork sausage.
  • Montefalco Sagrantino Passito, a dessert wine often compared to vintage port is served with homemade wine biscuits. Late-harvest, syrupy grapes are trellis dried for 75 days allowing for a delicate balance of sweetness and the persistence of blackberry and black currant with a hint of spice.
  • After lunch, guests are welcome to explore the estate's nature trails at their leisure. Marked routes range from an easy stroll of less than a mile to a more vigorous four mile hike.
  • Guests may purchase all of the wines tasted and arrange for insured shipping back home (with the exception of Utah where shipments are not accepted). The winery's mission is to offer a good price value ratio for every wine they produce, and there are price points for every budget.
  • This tour requires a minimum of 6 participants.