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The Grape Escape - Chianti Edition

This in-depth tour of a highly rated Chianti Classico wine estate whose vineyards have been yielding exceptional wine for over eight centuries takes you through each step of the vinification process from the grape to the bottle. Visit the vineyards, cellars, bottling areas, the oil mill and the ancient farmhouse where it all began. Sample four superb Tuscan red wines and a spumante rose accompanied by extra virgin olive oil, bruschetta, local cheeses and cured meats.
Tuscany - Radda in Chianti
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Ticket Information

Ticket Price $45.00
Max participants: 24
Duration: 10:30 am to 1 pm (2.5 hours)
Day of the week: Takes place Wednesdays & Thursdays from April 10 to October 30
Alternate dates may be arranged for groups of 8 or more. Please call.


  • Meet Bernardo, the manager and your guide at this DOCG Chianti Classico wine estate set amidst vine-laden hills. Guests are taken on a tour of the facilities as Bernardo reveals the history of this ancient farmhouse that began producing wine early in the 12th century.
  • Visit vat rooms where grapes are carefully de-stemmed, pressed and fermented; wine cellars, where aromatic oak barrels slowly age Chianti Classico wine; the bottling area, where each bottle rests prior to reaching perfection. Weather permitting, walk through the vineyards and learn how Bernardo evaluates grapes and decides the precise moment of harvest.
  • Finally, a visit to the oil mill reveals how premium extra virgin olive oil is made. The secret to making superb Tuscan oil is in the cold pressing method, which few use and even less can master.
  • Now, sit back on a shaded patio next to the farmhouse and enjoy a sampling of the estate's Spumante Rosé Classico Pinot Nero and four superb reds: Chianti Classico Gran Selezione; Chianti Classico DOCG Gallo Nero; Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG Gallo Nero and Cenno (Pinot Noir), accompanied by bruschetta, extra virgin olive oil, local salami and cheese.
  • To add depth and practicality to your wine tasting experience, your Sommelier will demonstrate how to score each wine on a number of key factors from appearance, to aroma, body, taste and finish. Your wine scoring chart is yours to keep along with the simple techniques designed to enhance your future enjoyment of this venerated beverage.
  • Can't wait to share these wines with friends back home? Guests may purchase these prized vintages and have them shipped home. Purchases made on-site are exempt from local taxation making for some great bargains. Not to mention this boutique winery's celebrated wines are extremely hard to find in the States. Salute!

This Actividayz does not accept participants under the age of 12.