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Abruzzo Cooking: Abbondanza Abruzzese Details

Check the back panel on premium imported Italian pasta packages, the best come from here. Utilizing simple, ancient tools of the trade, every class will learn to make hand-rolled, egg pasta known as ceppe, formed around a special wooden stick and chitarra, rolled across brass strings similar to those of a guitar. Pasta is made from flour ground from actual stone mills, mountain cheeses are ripened in caves and chestnut harvesting techniques go back centuries. In fact, all farming in Abruzzo is done through organic cultivation perfected over millennia.

Abruzzo's culinary masters are inspired by a timeless landscape of fertile valleys, vine covered hills, immense snow-capped mountains and endless miles of warm sandy beaches. Visiting Abruzzo is like stepping back in time. Hardly a week goes by without some prized ingredient coming to harvest or an ancient festival being devoutly celebrated. As an honored guest, you will be privy to these insider events when they occur during your stay.

The ancient hill town of Civitella del Tronto sits suspended somewhere between heaven and earth. The air is pure and the views are eternal. To the west are the massive peaks of the Gran Sasso mountains, and to the east, the warm blue Adriatic caresses the shore. Both ski lifts and beach resorts are within easy reach along with Rome and Pescara, the logical gateways to this gourmet extravaganza.

A Historical Note
Completely undisturbed by modern commercialism, this walled town is an extension of a Bourbon fortress perched above. Bring a camera and good walking shoes! Civitella del Tronto was the last fortress to fall during Giuseppe Garibaldi's campaign to unify Italy and the first place to raise the flag over a united nation. Combatants from here, as seen in fortress exhibits, went on to participate in the American Civil War.