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Actividayz Conditions

Dear Friends,
As you delve into the fine print that follows I ask you to consider that learning the secrets of an Italian chef, ceramic making, truffle hunting and all the rest are not the typical adventures that a traveler can easily find, let alone book months in advance. The fact that we not only found them, but were successful in getting each Italian artisan, chef or guide to agree to do it on a weekly basis, with a two-person minimum participation is, and I don't mind patting our staff on the back, astounding.

On your part, I ask that you take into account that Italy is still Italy, that itineraries can change and that for many outdoor events weather is a key factor. In order to provide you with a multitude of one-of-a-kind, affordable experiences, we have eliminated costly transportation and employed a unique technology that allows you to book each experience strictly through the web. Enjoy!

Mario Scalzi


These terms and conditions apply to all tour participants regardless of whether tour payment was made by another participant.

Participants Responsibility
You (the participant) assume all risks associated with taking an Actividayz tour. Some itineraries include walking and/or climbing uneven terrain, such as cobblestones, farmland, stairways without handrails, unpaved walkways and stone steps. Some activities are not regulated by any industry safety standards and you assume all risk. You should come properly attired for any type of weather conditions that may exist. If you are unable to complete the tour for any reason, you are responsible for your return to the tour starting point. In such cases, no refund will be made. When alcohol is served, the tour guide has the discretionary right to limit alcohol consumption, and the tour guide has the right to require any participant to withdraw from the tour for any reason deemed disruptive to the tour. You are responsible for monitoring your own dietary restrictions and are encouraged to check with your health insurance provider to ensure coverage extends to international travel. All responsibility for product purchases made during an Actividayz rests with you and the product vendor.

The Parker Company (TPC) Responsibility
We (TPC) have arranged these tours through independent providers who have no legal affiliation to us. We do not own or operate the equipment, vehicles or facilities used during these tours and assume no responsibility for the negligent act and/or omissions of the provider. We shall not be liable, in any way, for any injury, damage or loss as a result of an accident related to the tour.

Payment and Cancellations
Upon receipt of payment, an electronic ticket is issued and your reservation is considered firm. Acceptance of the voucher assumes you agree and accept these terms and conditions.

Tours priced in USD are paid in full when booking. Canceled reservations received 14 or more days prior to the tour date are charged a $15 fee per ticket. Cancellations received within 13 days of the tour date are nonrefundable. In addition, the tickets to the Uffizi Gallery are fully nonrefundable.

Tour Cancellation
Should we cancel your tour for any reason, a full refund will be provided without any further liability whatsoever. At all times, TPC reserves the right and sole discretion in determining whether a tour is cancelled. If a tour is cancelled by the guide at their discretion prior to completion, any refund will be determined by us and the tour guide taking into account the amount of tour activities completed.

Itineraries & Participation
All tours will begin promptly at the scheduled time, and it is possible for a tour start to be delayed and/or the duration to vary for reasons beyond our control. Please consider this when scheduling coinciding activities. There is no refund for those who miss a tour due to late arrival. Under no circumstances, will anyone be admitted to an Actividayz without a ticket. Transportation is not included, unless specifically mentioned in the tour itinerary. You must arrive at the specified meeting point by your own means. Due to circumstances beyond our control, certain facilities or tour areas may be closed or inaccessible. Tours, which include meals, may experience a menu change. In these cases, the guide reserves the right to make itinerary adjustments to minimize your inconvenience. Tours require a minimum participation of two people. All available information regarding the tour is disclosed on the Actividayz website. All questions or comments must be directed to

Dispute Resolution
You and we expressly agree that any disputes arising out of these terms and conditions shall be resolved applying Massachusetts law exclusively by the American Arbitration Association in Boston, Massachusetts. Resolution shall be decided by one neutral arbitrator. Costs of arbitration and enforcement and attorney’s fees are borne by each party, except for filing / administrative fees which are paid by the party bringing the action. The arbitrator shall not have the power to order pre-hearing discovery of documents or the taking of depositions, but may compel attendance of witnesses and the production of documents relating to the specific matter only, at the hearing. TPC must receive notice of any dispute in writing.

Release of Liability, and Indemnification
You are aware of the risks associated with the Actividayz tour(s) and freely accept and fully assume all risks and the possibility of personal injury or loss resulting therefrom. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify The Parker Company from any and all liability for any personal injury or loss resulting from your participation in an Actividayz tour.